Issues of Concern 
Innovative Products and Services; Customer Management; Circular Economies and Product Life Cycle; Information Security and Customer Privacy

Main Communication Channels and Frequency
‧ Acer Good News (occasional)
‧ Acer Daily News (daily)
‧ Chairman & CEO’s message (occasional)
‧ Internal Website (My Acer/company intranet) (occasional)
‧ External Website (Acer Group) (as needed)
‧ Labor-management meetings (Employee Representatives
‧ Organization) (quarterly)
‧ Employee Welfare Committee (quarterly)
‧ Email bulletins (as needed)

2018 Communication Results
‧ Organized labor-management meetings (Employee Representative Organization) to discuss matters relating to operations management, work environment, and employees’ rights and draft plans for the implementation of major improvement resolutions
‧ Chairman and CEO Jason Chen also held “An Appointment with Jason”communication meetings, sharing in face-to-face discussions the Company’s results and future direction, as well as answering questions from the staff. The chairman has also held face-to-face meetings with staff in our also to various global locations, explaining new policies to our global staff
‧ Responded to environmental issues of concern to employees through the collection of recycling and plastic reduction activities.
‧ Held training courses in 2018 focused on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), protection of protection information, and recruitment of information security staff