Issues of Concern 
Information Security and Customer Privacy; Circular Economies and Product Life Cycle; Innovative Products and Services

Main Communication Channels and Frequency
‧ Email and Telephone Contacts (as needed)
‧ Questionnaires and Surveys (quarterly)
‧ Acer Sustainability Website (as needed)
‧ Corporate Social Responsibility Report (annual)
‧ Corporate Responsibility (CR) mailbox ( needed)
‧ Acer Official Website—Support page
‧ Customer Service Line (as needed)
‧ Online chat (as needed)

2018 Communication Results
‧ Ensuring that customers’ personal data is safe and informing customers of the relevant regulations and precautions before accepting equipment for repair.
‧ Percentage of positive customer evaluations reached 95.09%.
‧ Received the Best Service Brand Award and the Outstanding Commerce Award in China, along with earning annual national customer service awards in countries including France, Germany, and Spain.
‧ In 2018, we received no complaints regarding infringement of customer privacy or of loss of customer information.