Issues of Concern
Innovative Products and Services; Climate Change and Energy; Product Responsibility and Customer Safety

Main Communication Channels and Frequency 
‧ Annual Supplier CSR Communication Meetings (annual)
‧ CSR Scorecard (annual)
‧ RBA On-site Examination (annual)
‧ Business Review Meetings (quarterly)
‧ Supplier Surveys (occasional)
‧ Complaints Mailbox (occasional)(

2018 Communication Results
‧ Held 2018 Supplier CSR Communication Meetings, addressing topics including carbon reduction and product responsibility
‧ We continued to carry out supplier CSR scorecard evaluations, including overall carbon management, carbon reduction results, and green energy adoption status, using this to further improve the ability of the overall supply chain to respond to climate change.
‧ Held 105 RBA Site Audits in 2018
‧ Successfully carried out RBA promotional meetings and invited suppliers to participate, facilitating their understanding of global trends in supply chains and of Taiwanese labor issues