Issues of Concern
Codes of Conduct; Customer Management; Supplier Environmental Performance; Product Responsibility and Customer Safety

Main Communication Channels and Frequency
‧ Regular Shareholders’ Meeting/Institutional Investors’ Conference Call (annual)
‧ Issue Regular Annual and Quarterly Corporate Reports, along with CSR Report
‧ Investor Mailbox (occasional)
‧ Investor Relations Webpage (monthly)
‧ Analyst Debriefing (YouTube/video link)
‧ Investors Summit (three times annually)
‧ Roadshows by chairman and CEO to meet with investors in Europe (twice), the US (once), Hong Kong (once), Taiwan (once), and Singapore (2017)

2018 Communication Results
‧ Hold annual shareholders meetings to explain company’s operating status and developmental trends
‧ Issue annual and quarterly reports, and promptly upload to investor relations page
‧ Completed corporate governance assessment with Financial Supervisory Commission
‧ Collect investment advice and report to Board of Directors and senior team each month