Issues of Concern
Ethics/Code of Conduct; Information Security and Customer Privacy; Climate Change and Energy

Main Communication Channels and Frequency
‧ Acer Sustainability Website (as needed)
‧ Corporate Social Responsibility Report (annual)
‧ Acer Official Website (as needed)
‧ Acer Foundation Website (as needed)
‧ Volunteer Activities (regular times each year)
‧ Complaints Mailbox (as needed)

2018 Communication Results
‧ Held second BeingLife Creativity Competition to foster a combination of innovative thinking and tech among young students and encourage incorporation of cloud-based thinking into solving daily problems.
‧ Offices in each region around the world participate in global environmental protection and charitable activities and volunteer service each year
‧ Held second Corporate Social Responsibility Project Awards, themed around education and the organization of CSR activities built on the needs of local communities and stakeholders.
‧ Beginning in 2018, we have made charitable purchases of Caitian Rice from the Wanli and Jinshan areas of New Taipei City, grown under environmentally friendly contracts excluding the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, placing an emphasis on the balance between agriculture and the environment.