Government Agencies

Issues of Concern 
Corporate Governance; Innovative Products and Services; Transparency and Disclosure; Energy and Climate Change; Circular Economies and Product Life Cycle; Information Security and Customer Privacy; Human Rights, Diversity, and Equality of Opportunity; Charity, Philanthropy, and Digital Inclusion

Main Communication Channels and Frequency 
‧ Responding to Legal Advice (occasional)
‧ Policy Advice Meetings (occasional)
‧ Topic Meetings (occasional)

2018 Communication Results
‧ In 2018, Acer invited the Ministry of Labor officials to the RBA Outreach Meeting to give a special lecture to help Responsible Business Alliance members understand the current status and problems of labor-related management in Taiwan.
‧ In September 2018, we participated in the International E-waste Management Network Workshop at the invitation of the Taiwanese and American EPAs. At the workshop, we shared our experiences in industrial cooperation on issues such as circular economies and voluntary recycling.
‧ Participated in EPA Waste Recycling Conference