Regulatory compliance:

Regarding the collection, processing, or use or personal information in Taiwan:In line with the Personal Information Protection Act, on 22 October, 2012, Acer established the “Principles for the Management of Personal Information,” in addition to laying out strict guidelines such as the “Guidelines for Management of the Use of Personal Information in Promotional Activities,” “Guidelines for Interdepartmental Use of Personal Information,” and “Guidelines for Handling of Usage Rights for Personal Information by Relevant Parties.”
Regarding the collection, processing, or use or personal information involving the global group in Europe:In response to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on 25 May, 2018, Acer began in 2014 the phased implementation of preparatory measures, including the identification and location of personal data of EU residents and the confirmation of regulatory requirements. The impact of the regulation on the Group' products was reviewed, and adjustments made accordingly. In order to continue our GDPR compliance, on 12 December, 2018, Acer took the additional step of putting in place a pan-European Privacy Protection Design Policy and Privacy Protection Impact Assessment Policy in accordance with GDPR Article 25, incorporating information protection concepts into the design and operation of information systems and business practices.