Earth Recycling Project

Region : Taiwan Award : Gold
Project Description and Social Impact
Acer established the “Earth Project” to promote global reuse and recycling in July 2018. Beginning in Taiwan, Acer service centers and long-term partners Tsann Kuen 3C and the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation have jointly offers 326 locations nationwide for the recycling of waste batteries and discarded cellphones, tablets, and notebooks of any brand. At the end of the year, through the guidance and support of Taiwan' Environmental Protection Administration, these collection point will be expanded to 5,000 convenience stores across Taiwan. The public will apply for special recycling bags online for the items, then deliver the table or notebook to a convenience store for recycling. This is the first time that a brand has collaborated with such a channel to give people the chance to recycle their electronic products more conveniently. In 2018, discarded cellphones, notebooks, and tablets of all brands numbered over 2,000 and waste dry cell batteries surpassed two tons. Annual recycling grew threefold, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 5.76 tons. The Earth Project also provides environmental education through a vivid, touching story, using the story of Future Monster to draw readers in and inspire them to take practical action to recycle. This creative project was also awarded the Bronze Award in the Industrial Development Bureau' National Circular Economy Creative Competition.

Plastic Reduction Environmental Education

Region : TaiwanAward : Commendation
Project Description and Social Impact
Plastics in the oceans not only harm marine organisms, but also affect human health through their consumption by marine organisms which are then eaten by people. Acer' Plastic Reduction Environmental Education project aimed to boost awareness of plastic use through environmental education and to promote staff participation in volunteer activities. The project consisted of a series of activities, including making DIY beverage carriers, talks on actions to reduce usage of plastics, “Less Plastic, Better Life” reduction activity and idea brainstorming sessions; and a beach cleanup. A total of 727 employees and their families participated in the above activities, and the beach cleanup collected 178 kg of garbage and waste. Additionally, the activities also resulted in the production of a video featuring Acer staff and a award-winning campaign that promoted the reduction of plastics through a video that received 1,760 hits on social media.