Recycling for Charity Project

Region : EMEAAward : Bronze
Project Description and Social Impact
In 2018, in response to the Company' “Earth Project,” Acer EMEA launched a recycling and reuse program, including the “Recycling for Charity” campaign, to promote environmental awareness among Acer staff. A total of 1,307 e-waste items were collected from 16 Acer EMEA branches. More than 1,700 Acer staff members in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and their families participated enthusiastically, with the results converted into 36 Chromebooks, which the EMEA president personally awarded to 10 educational and charitable organizations. The project saved a total of four tons of carbon emissions. In addition, for their participation in this year' Corporate Social Responsibility Award, the EMEA team produced a vibrant video introduced by the EMEA President and the Chromebook Operations Manager, running through EMEA environmental efforts and presenting the thanks of the HR department for their staff' participation in CSR-oriented activities.