Acer Education Program—Technical Apprenticeships

Region : Germany Award : Commendation
Project Description and Social Impact
Since 2016, Acer' German branch has partnered with local colleges to help students combine knowledge and practice in preparation for their future entry into the labor market. For their apprenticeships with Acer, the students could select different departments, including sales, finance, HR, order management, and customer service, thus learning a range of business skills. In addition to technical skills, they can also boost their soft skills like teamwork, fairness, reliability, and integrity, laying the foundation for these students to become professionals and to grow as individuals. Acer is an important local company in Germany. Through our cooperation with schools through the German education system, we are committed to upholding our social responsibilities. Students have the opportunity to learn from the company, and the high quality of available training has also made Acer employees more satisfied with the Company. At the same time, Acer' vocational training is an investment in talent. When the company needs technical staff, these apprentices, with their familiarity with Acer' operations, will be able to provide support online without the need for a long period of familiarization and adaptation.