Repair Education

Region : The Netherlands Award : Commendation
Project Description and Social Impact
The purpose of Acer Netherlands’ repair education program was to educate people who are less able to obtain long-term, stable jobs, helping them become hardware engineers. Acer has enjoyed a long-time cooperation with Weener XL, a government organization that supports the unemployed, refugees, and those with disabilities. For this project, the latter assisted in matching learners with appropriate government subsidies, while Koning Willem I College arranged and composed theory-focused lessons and Acer provided practical education. The length of the courses depended on the knowledge level of the candidates, but was usually between three and six months. Currently 20 staffers have completed education and earned a degree, as well as finding stable jobs as repair engineers. This program enabled those who find it difficult to obtain jobs in the labor market, such as refugees, to enjoy more inclusive, more equal opportunities to learn a skill, while also promoting opportunities for lifelong learning.